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Does Honey Actually Save You Money

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Should I Install The Honey Chrome Or Firefox Extensions

Does Honey Really Save You Money?

The Honey browser extension is a universal piece of code thats tuned to work with all the browsers it supports. The only difference is in the installation file for each browser. And thats something that doesnt affect your Honey experience at all.

So, considering all that, whether youll use Honey with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is totally up to you. The best advice, in this case, would be to use Honey with the browser youre most comfortable with.

How Does The Browser Extension Work

Installing and using the Honey app is incredibly easy. Honey is available for use on most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

To install the free browser extension:

  • Open the browser of your choice
  • Go to
  • Sign up via email, Facebook, or PayPal
  • Once installed, you can start using the shopping assistant instantly. Its extremely easy to use.

    To use the extension:

  • Go to the website that youre looking to shop with
  • Add all the items you want to purchase to your cart
  • Go to the sites checkout page
  • Before you click the purchase button, click the Honey extension button
  • The extension will tell you if it found a coupon you could use and automatically apply it to your purchase
  • Check out and enjoy the savings
  • The app does this in mere seconds as opposed to you having to spend minutes or hours looking for promo codes online. You effortlessly save money and get to go on with your day.

    How To Use It

    Honey is a completely free service. You have the option of using your email to log in and doing so will give access to Honey Gold, its rewards program. Honey Gold is also integrated with Google, Facebook, PayPal and Apple so you can use any of those accounts to log in as well.

    Honey is available both as an app or a browser extension that works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.

    In order to use Honey on your computer, you’ll need to download the browser extension. Once it’s downloaded, you should be able to see it in the top toolbar, and you can use it whenever you go to checkout at an online store. Honey will automatically search codes that are applicable to your purchase.

    With the Honey app, you can browse through the top coupons to find deals as well as earn Honey rewards on your purchases with certain retailers. When you shop on the website of a retailer through the app, there’s a toolbar at the bottom of the app which shows you any available promo codes. Honey will then automatically test and apply those codes at checkout.

    You don’t have to do your shopping directly through the app for Honey to work on your iPhone. When you download the Honey app on your iPhone, you’ll be able to use Honey in Safari . All you have to do is click “Enable Honey for Safari” in the app, and you’ll see Honey offer coupon codes when you shop on Safari.

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    Shop Like You Normally Would

    If you dont want to look at the Honey website before you shop, youll rely on the browser extension to find the best deals on your behalf.

    In the screenshot below, we went to the JCPenney website and added a necklace to our cart. When we went to the checkout page, a pop-up appeared to let us know Honey offers 10 different coupons for this retailer.

    From there, we clicked on apply coupons and let Honey do the work. After that, the best coupon code of the day was automatically added to our cart without any work or searching required.

    Price Comparisons In Your Browser


    If you use Honey, Honeys savings finder can help you find deals on items youd like to purchase. You can do the same with your Capital One Shopping account and extension browser.

    After adding Capital One Shopping to your browser, youll notice a little alert whenever youre viewing a product online and a better price has been found at another retailer. For example, if youre looking at a video game on the Target website, and theres a better price for the same product at eBay, youll see a helpful popup alerting you to the lower price, with links to the alternative shopping options. Capital One Shopping automatically calculates tax and shipping costs, and takes that into account when making recommendations about better offers.

    Honey has a similar feature, but it only works when youre shopping on Amazon. With Capital One Shopping, youll see recommendations for better deals when youre shopping on the websites of many other major retailers, such as Target and Best Buy.

    Occasionally, you may be directed to a deal that has expired or is out of stock. In these cases, youll be able to alert Capital One Shopping or Honey in just a few clicks, so that other users arent directed to the same link. And it works both ways — the input of other users helps to ensure that the vast majority of offers you see are available and up-to-date.

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    Who Can Join Honey

    The site doesnt really tell you exactly which countries it is available in. But from what Ive researched, their browser extension can be used regardless of where you live. However, their rewards program is only valid for people who live in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

    So, if you are looking to earn, theres no point in signing up if you dont live in any of the countries mentioned above.

    Speaking of signing up, as mentioned, you can sign up as a member from the website. As shown in the photo above, you can use your Google, Facebook, Apple, or even PayPal account to register.

    Yes, you read that right. You can use your PayPal account to register because PayPal actually bought Honey a few years ago. This is what I found weird though. Even though they are owned by PayPal, you cant convert your earnings to cash and deposit them to your PayPal account.

    Anyway, once you are done with the sign-up form, you can now log in to the site and I would recommend you install the Google Chrome extension also to get the most out of it.

    You can also just sign up using the Honey app. Just download and install it on your device. Then, you will be asked if you want to sign in using your Google, Facebook, Apple, or even PayPal account to sign in. Just choose whichever you prefer and sign in. After youve done that, you can now log in to the app and start earning.

    How To Earn Even More Points

    They also offer ways to earn Honey Gold Bonuses, instant promo codes, and a percentage back, which are all ways you can earn more points.

    You could invite your friends to use Honey in order to earn more points. For every friend that signs up and makes their first purchase, you earn $5.

    Honey makes the sharing part easy too, by giving you access to a special link after you log in to your account. It allows you to share it directly to your Facebook messenger, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

    You can also choose to customize your invite which creates a unique referral page for you to share.

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    Is Honey Legit Can They Really Save You Money

    Lets address the question in the title right of the bat. Yes, Honey is legit, and it can help you save money. It is a great little browser extension that scans the internet for you in search of coupons. Using Honey, you can save money on many online stores, with the main, of course, being Amazon.

    Getting started with Honey is easy. You dont even have to register an account, although it is advisable for maximum savings. Read on to find out more about using Honey, but also some tips on how to make the most out of it.

    How To Install Honey To Your Browser

    Does Honey Save You Money? Honey Browser Extension Review

    For Chrome users, the process of installing Honey as a browser extension is as follows:

  • Click Add to Chrome.
  • Then Create or Log In to your Honey Account.
  • While most browsers follow a similar process, the installation does differ slightly from browser to browser. You can find a complete list of browsers and how to install Honey on each of them on the Honey website.

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    Uninstalling Honey: The Cons

    If you Google Honey extension, a top search includes how to uninstall Honey so my guess is that maybe a lot of people experienced the same thing as me and after trying it out, they werent able to successfully save any money with it.

    There was also a thread on Reddit where former Honey users complained about not being able to find a discount when shopping online.

    Then there was an article where a blogger tried out Honey for a week. She found that it didnt do much to help save money or even find any coupons, for that matter.

    The blogger tried out the extension on sites like Asos, Urban Outfitters, and Tobi, but said she wasnt very successful in getting coupon codes.

    How To Remove The Honey Extension

    If you try using Honey and dont find it useful enough to keep it in your browser, you can delete it. Follow the steps to do it :

  • Launch Chrome on your computer.
  • Next, right-click on the Honey icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Confirm the pop-up by clicking on Remove.
  • If you are concerned about your privacy and Honey selling your information, you shouldnt be. They assure their users that they wont share any of the info they collect to third parties. Also, the reason why they are collecting your data is to keep track of your shopping habits, and so that they can verify the payments you made and give you the cash you earned.

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    Does Honey Actually Work

    For some people, Honey seems too good to be true. Does it really save you any money?

    The way Honey works is pretty straightforward. Once added to your browser, the app adds an extension to the store pages of most major digital storefronts online.

    When you install the app, youre asked to sign in with either Google or Facebook or create a new Honey account with your own email and password.

    The feed has deals and money-back ideas, and if you log in, this stuff can be personalized to your tastes. Though the feed might be helpful to some, others may find their time better spent by skipping the installation here and just making a new account.

    How To Uninstall The Honey Chrome Extension

    Honey App Review

    If you decide that it isnt a good fit for you, you can uninstall Honey in just a few steps. You can also uninstall the Honey mobile app by removing the app from your phone. Once you delete the app, Honey deletes all of your personal information too.

    According to the app, After you click Delete Forever, your account is completely removed from our system and we will no longer have any personal information about you in our system.

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    What Is The Honey Gold Rewards Program

    Honey Gold is a free rewards program thats available to people who download the Honey browser extension. This rewards program gives you the chance to earn cash back on top of the savings you get for using Honey.

    While most Honey reviews downplay the value of this rewards program, we think Honey Gold is worth exploring since its offered on top of the savings you get at participating stores. You can earn rewards with Honey Gold at more than 4,000 participating retailers, and the rewards are given out as a percentage of your spending, minus taxes and shipping fees.

    Earning rewards with Honey Gold is also easy as pie. Youll just shop as you normally would, and if Honey Gold is offered with a retailer, youll see this icon next to the name of the website:

    From there, youll click on the button that says activate, before moving forward to apply coupons to your cart.

    At this point, your rewards will be added to your account within 14 days after your purchase is complete. Once you have racked up 1,000 points in the Honey Gold program, you can redeem them for a $10 gift card at participating retailers like Sephora, Walmart, Lowes, The Home Depot, and more.

    Browser Extensions To Save You Money And Time

    Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

    Driven by the pursuit of a great deal, youve downloaded bar code scanning apps on your phone and clipped coupons from your local newspaper. But even you a savvy deal seeker may not know that your computer can replace both of those money-saving activities.

    Browser extensions are plug-ins you can download on web browsers like Chrome or Safari, and some of these tools can do your bargain-hunting homework for you.

    These are our picks for five of the best browser extensions for online shopping.

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    Honey Security: Is The Extension Safe To Use

    When it comes to security, Honey promises that it never sells your information. They also protect your personal information and sensitive data by using encryption, advanced malware detection and utilizing pseudonymization and anonymization techniques.

    However, Honey does not actually guarantee they can safeguard your information for the long-term. In fact, its privacy and security disclosure says this:

    Though we hate to say it, despite our efforts, we cant guarantee that user information will not be accessed, viewed, disclosed, altered or destroyed as a result of a breach of any of our safeguards. You provide us with information at your own risk.

    Honey Has Saved Me Almost $70 In Just 3 Months: Here Is How

    Honey Review 2022: How Often Does It REALLY Find Automatic Discounts?

    I signed up for a Honey account a few months ago. I didnt think it would save me more than a dollar or two per online orderboy was I wrong.

    Since I signed up and downloaded the browser extension tool, I have saved an average of $10 on my online orders from stores it works at and one time it gave me a promotion code that took $20 off my order. In just three months, Honey has saved me $70, and I dont even shop online all that much.

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    Watch List And Price Drop Alerts

    If theres an item you have your eye on and there are no good coupons available, you can add it to your Droplist and sign up for a price drop alert. You can add unlimited items to your Droplist to monitor for a period of 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. Once a coupon is available or the item goes on sale, Honey will notify you by email.

    My Honey App Experience

    OK, sois Honey worth it? I decided to give it a try with saving on some of my kids back-to-school shopping. I will have four kids in school this year and they desperately need some new shoes and clothing.

    It would be nice to find some deals on packaged snacks for their lunches, too.

    One feature that Honey doesnt mention much as a savings opportunity is their homepage itself. Once you create an account and log in, youll see an Explore page that features trending stores and cashback offers.

    You can also browse deals by category and check out the hot daily deals and best-selling items among Honey users.

    I decided to start my search by looking for shoes for my 5-year-old. A simple search for girls shoes on the Honey Explore page led to over 1,600 results! I could sort by price, store, and brand to further narrow my search.

    However, I wasnt too thrilled with the options that popped up, so I decided to go to a specific retailer instead.

    I found two pairs of shoes that would work for my daughter and added them to my cart to see what Honey would do. At checkout, Honey popped up to say it would try 10 coupons.

    It took a little longer than I thought it would for it to run through all the coupons, and in the end, it saved mezero dollars. Womp womp.

    I also noticed a Target Circle offer that Honey didnt mention but that just goes to show that you still need to be observant as youre shopping and not trust that Honey will catch all the discounts for you.

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    Where Is Honey Available

    The Honey coupon app is only available as a browser extension, so you can only use it with a compatible web browser. It does support the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera.

    You can use Honey whenever you shop, and it works on thousands of different sites. Some of the most popular sites where Honey is available include:

    If you don’t see one of your favorite sites, it doesn’t hurt to install the extension and check.

    What I Liked About Honey

    5 Easy Ways to Save Money at Christmas

    Free to use. You can download and install the Honey app on your computer for free.

    Easy to install. The app is easy to install on your desktop and PC, and you can start using it almost immediately.

    Honey automatically conducts a search for every store you visit. It saves you a lot of time that you would have spent searching for discount codes that are applicable and havent expired thanks to the extensive database of promo codes and coupons that they have come up with from internet as well as from user submissions. Consequently, every time you visit a retailer, Honey searches for a fitting discount code.

    You get to save money. You could make significant savings with the app on a variety of services and products if you shop online on a regular basis.

    The app supports a variety of retailers and products. Honey provides you with available discounts in multiple online retailers, travel, and a variety of other service outlets, and the discounts are updated on a regular basis.

    Prevent you from overspending on Amazon. If you are shopping on Amazon, Honey will alert you if there is an item available for a lower price from a different seller or listing.

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