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Is Project Honey Bees Legit

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Faqs & Research Proposal Guidelines For Applicants

The Ginza Honey Bee Project

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  • Adequate indication that PI will communicate their findings to commercial beekeepers.
  • Economical and adequate budget for proposed research

Please limit proposals to 5 pages of project description 10 pages total Including budget justification, PI information, etc., but excluding references) and allow at least 3 months for the review and decision process.

If You Own Vacant Land You May Be Able To Help Save Bees While Saving On Your Taxes


One out of every three bites of food we eat depends on the honey bee. Tragically, commercial bee colonies are collapsing throughout the United States and around the world at an alarming rate, a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder , linked to pesticides on crops. It is imperative that beekeepers have access to healthy forage land to rebuild bee colonies after crop pollination.

Our founder, Julie Zahniser, was named 2014 Pollinator Advocate of the United States for her innovative approach to making forage land available to beekeepers by expanding agricultural tax benefits to beekeeping.

Is Projecthoneybeescom A Scam How Would You Rate It

How did you come across this website? Facebook ads? Instagram? Online ads? You could contribute now to the info on this review. Is a scam? If you dealt with this business , how would you rate it? Please share your experience below by leaving a review. Whether you contacted the company or the other way around, feel free to comment.

Here are 5 ways to identify a scam website in 2022:

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Project Apis M: Enhancing The Health Of Honey Bees

Project Apis m. was founded in 2006 by a group of avid beekeepers and almond farmers in California. The charity was set up to address the concerns over honey bee health and today it is considered to be the top organization for honey bee research and crop pollination initiatives in America. Btw, the name Apis m. comes from Apis mellifera, the scientific name for the honey bee.

Their impact and transparency ratings: According to their financial report, Project Apis m. spent 84% of their income on funding research and forage, and 16% on overhead costs.

To fund research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bee colonies while improving crop production.

Project Apis m.

What they do: Project Apis m. funds bee-related research studies, purchases equipment for university bee research labs, and provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of science-based solutions to honey bee issues. Their Seeds for Bees program provides nutritious seed mixes to California farms, vineyards, and orchards, which are designed to bloom at times of the year when bee forage is scarce.

What theyve achieved: To date, Project Apis m. has invested over $8.5 million into 42 bee research projects, and $2.9 million in forage programs. The charities Board of Directors now protects 85,000 colonies of bees which has resulted in over 5 million pounds of US honey being produced. Project Apis m has also planted 10,130 acres of bee forage and initiated 320 habitat protection projects for honey bees.

Nothing But The Best And It Supports Our Mission Too

Honey Bee learning kit Nature study Charlotte Mason

We love to celebrate honey here at The Bee Cause Project, if you do too why not order our private label honey from Savannah Bee Company! A portion of the proceeds supports The Bee Cause! While you are there try some of the other great honey flavors available at Savannah Bee.

Since its inception in 2002, 1% for the Planet has helped to direct hundreds of millions of dollars to non-profit environmental partners. The 1% for the Planet network puts non-profits, individuals, and businesses together to source funding for environmental missions around the world. As a member of this network since 2018, we have made lasting partnerships with companies like Bees Wrap who have committed to donating profits at the end of every fiscal year to our mission. We are proud to partner with 1% for the Planet and our funding partners within the network. This amazing network is vital to address all aspects of environmental concern from education, conservation, sustainability, and innovative technologies. Find out how you can help and get involved at

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What Is The Purple Hive Project

Did you know that the humble honey bee plays a major role in the pollination of food crops in Australia?

Its estimated that one in every three mouthfuls of food that Australians consume relies on pollination support by honey bees.

Our long term vision is that the Purple Hive Project will create a network of beehives located across Australia that are capable of detecting the Varroa Destructor. The vision is that the Purple Hive Project will help to protect the health of the Australian honey industry, and more broadly Australian agriculture that relies on honeybee pollination.

What Is A Bee Project

The World Bee Project is the first private organization to launch a global honeybee monitoring initiative to inform and implement actions to improve pollinator habitats, create more sustainable ecosystems, and improve food security, nutrition, and livelihoods by establishing a globally coordinated monitoring program

What country has the most bees?

This statistic shows the number of beehives in leading countries worldwide in 2020 . India has the largest number of beehives, totaling around 12.2 million, followed by China with about nine million.

Why is honey bees so important?

Its their work as crop pollinators. This agricultural benefit of honey bees is estimated to be between 10 and 20 times the total value of honey and beeswax. In fact, bee pollination accounts for about $15 billion in added crop value. Honey bees are like flying dollar bills buzzing over U.S. crops.

How many native bees are in Oregon?

Images by Thomas Shahan Page 4 Page 5 Approximately 500 species of bees live in Oregon. Many of these pollinate the diverse crops grown in our state. These species can be very different in their size, appearance, habitat, life cycle, flowers visited, and overall behavior.

Are mason bees native to Oregon?

But these little bees are native to Oregon and, because of their incredible pollinating powers, are becoming popular with backyard gardeners and orchardists. They are one of the very first pollinators to emerge in spring.

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Is Project Honey Bees A Legit Company

Project Honey Bees is for sure LEGIT! However, please watch out for other websites that copy Project Honey Bees. This one donates to their charities and I confirmed that they actually have donated tens of thousands of dollars to multiple different bee saving orgs.

Why Are Bees Dying Off

Project Apis m. – Transporting Honey Bees to California for Almond Pollination 2021

There is no single cause, according to most scientists who have studied the problem, but rather a combination of factors that include parasites, pathogens, pesticides, poor nutrition, and habitat loss. One of the greatest threats to honeybees is industrial agricultures widespread use of pesticides.

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Bees Play A Vital Part In Our Lives

So, I just want say that I support this website & their goals. The bee jewelry is beautiful. What I love is that they are trying to make sure the bee population continues to sustain our food supply through out the world. Thank for all your efforts.

Date of experience:August 06, 2022

The Honey Bee Project is one of most educational and worthwhile projects I had ever seen trying to save our most precious pollinators. Without this project fewer people would understand the valuable resource we need to protect.

Date of experience:August 06, 2022

Is Help The Bees Legit

SCAM. SCAM. Do not waste your time or money. I ordered earrings 40 days ago.

Is Beemission com legit?

They are a scam Will be filing a fraud report with my bank . Do not buy!

Can you adopt a bee?

Description. You can adopt as many bees as you want as often as you want. Each adopted bee comes with its very own certificate of adoption and a little bit of background as to what it does. You can name your bee and select the apiary location.

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Chemical Composition Of Bees Honey

Honey is a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, aminoacids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other compounds. It contains a number of enzymes, including invertase, glucose oxidase, catalase, and acid phosphorylase. Honey also contains eighteen free amino acids, the most abundant of which is proline.

It contains trace amounts of the vitamins B2, B4, B5, B6, B11 and vitamin C. Minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium, chromium and manganeseare also found in honey. The main group of antioxidants in honey are the flavonoids, of which, pinocembrin is unique to honey and bee propolis. Naturally darker honey has greater antioxidant properties.

Acetic, butanoic, formic, citric, succinic, lactic, malic, pyroglutamic, gluconic acids, and a number of aromatic acids are found in honey. Bees honey is free of cholesterol.

High Quality Bee Jewelry & For A Good Cause

Model L.H. of Honey Bee

These little bee necklaces, earrings and other jewelry are really top quality and so cute!! This is not flimsy poor quality stuff but well made, substantial and the company backs up their products!! The bee adoption is meant to be educational especially for children. I have given these as gifts to family and friends and everyone has always been pleased! Dont hesitate to buy products from this company not only will you get a beautiful piece of jewelry for a great price but you will be helping the bee population which desperately needs it!! You wont regret it!! No bees = no food!!

Date of experience:July 10, 2022

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Is Project Honey Bees A Good Charity

Project Apis m. was founded in 2006 by a group of avid beekeepers and almond farmers in California. The charity was set up to address the concerns over honey bee health and today it is considered to be the top organization for honey bee research and crop pollination initiatives in America.

I Would Give 0 Stars If I Could

I would give 0 stars if I could. I wish I had read the reviews before ordering from this company. I ordered 2 Necklaces and a Bracelet in July 2020 and still have not received my order 5 months later. I have repeatedly emailed, receiving replies that they will coordinate with the warehouse whatever that means, as Ive had the same message 3 times, when I have simply asked for a refund. This leads me to believe they are running scams like so many other reviews suggest.

Date of experience:December 28, 2020

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Extraction Of Bees Honey

There are two methods to extract Bees Honey. The traditional method is to calm or chase the bees away by introducing smoke into the beehive. When the bees have left the beehive or fully calm down, the combs are taken out and squeezed to drain the honey. Some people place the combs in a metallic bowl which has a hole at the base. Burning embers are put on the combs. Honey and beeswax melt and drains down the hole and is collected.

Other method is to use a mechanical honey extractor. This extracts honey without destroying the comb. Extractors work by centrifugal force. A container holds a frame basket which spins, flinging the honey out. With this method, the wax comb stays intact within the frame and can be reused by the bees.

Received Beautiful Necklace & Helped Daughter Learn How Important Bees Are

New way to help honey bees to fight Varroa mites

I picked up 8 necklaces, 4 bracelets, 1 pin, 3 earrings and some stickers for myself and many of the young ladies in my life for Christmas and/or birthdays because not only are the products nice quality but they are sweet and both myself and the girls are supporting such an important cause!! Bees are a predictor and if they die then flora will not be able to pollinate and we will lose those and it will continue until who knows so by supporting this company we are helping to save the world and educate the next generation!! Really what is better than that!! So SAVE our WORLD one beautiful necklace at the time and TEACH our kids just HOW important BEES are to our WONDERFUL & DELICATE world!! Keep up the AWESOME & AMAZING work!!!

Date of experience:May 25, 2022

I have ordered the necklace and some earrings for several family members. They love them and like to find out about their Bees! Its nice to get a nice quality item and also help out the bees!

Date of experience:March 15, 2022

I purchased several of them for Christmas gifts last year for my female friends, they all loved them!!! it was a huge hit, they’re so so pretty!!

Date of experience:December 20, 2021

I )over being part of the Bee Project. However, I do not like receiving daily sales material.

Date of experience:October 06, 2022

Reply from Project Honey Bees

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Very Bad Customer Service

I love the necklace. Too bad the customer service SUCKS!! I ordered one then got a code that said buy one get one. So I placed a second order and tried to use the code that was given to me and I kept getting a message that the code was invalid. After contacting them they said they would send it out separately. I received both necklaces that I paid for but never received the free one. After many emails over 2 months, I still have gotten nowhere with them and now they just arent responding to my emails.

Date of experience:February 08, 2021

Global Pollination Project And Honeybee Forage Project Results

SANBIs Biodiversity Research, Assessment and Monitoring Division implemented two interesting projects on pollination in crop agriculture and the honey bee, both of which happened between 2010 and 2015.

Background and reason for the projects:

Insect, birds, bats and other animals serve as pollinators while they forage for their own survival, consequently providing a free ecosystem service upon which we depend. The declines in pollinator populations led to studies being undertaken in 7 developing countries as part of the GEF/UNEP/FAO Global Pollination Project, which took place from 2011 to early 2015.

Findings from the studies of monitoring pollinators in three agricultural crops in South Africa show that the honey bee are the most important crop pollinators. Most of the farmers rely on managed honey bees to ensure adequate pollination, and usually pay beekeepers to provide the managed honey bees as they are aware that deficits in yield or quality can be prevented through the use of managed honey bee pollinators.

All the results of both projects are available for download:

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Is Peta Against Honey

We dont need to take honey from bees. An array of delicious, sustainable, plant-based sweeteners can do all the same things that honey doeswithout hurting bees. Try one out the next time that you go shopping!

Why cant vegans eat honey?

Vegans avoid eating honey to take a stand against bee exploitation and farming practices that are thought to harm bee health.

Why should you not eat honey?

Honey is meant as a health food a health food for bees. The more we interfere with their natural processes, both by relying on farmed bees as pollinators and to feed our desires for sweets, the closer were coming to agricultural disaster.

Why is honey cruel?

After beekeepers steal the honey, they feed the bees sugary syrup and other sub-par foods to keep them alive. The stressful, unnatural living conditions, malnutrition, and cruelty inherent in factory farming weaken the bees immune systems.

Is it morally wrong to take honey from bees?

Beekeepers are not hurting bees intentionally when they are harvesting honey. Almost everyone is doing it the same way I am doing it, although some are on a much larger scale. So it is helpful to clear this up: Harvesting honey does not hurt any bees.

Do vegans eat beeswax?

Hence, while beeswax can be considered a vegetarian substance, its not truly a vegan ingredient. Beeswax does not contain animal or insect flesh and is considered vegetarian.

Is beekeeping cruel to bees?

Whats wrong with the honey industry?

Do some vegans eat honey?

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Project Honey Bees Saving The Endangered Pollinators Reviewed

Project Honey Bees reviews are simply astonishing. The company is overdelivering on its work and mission! Their jewelry is beautifully and carefully hand-crafted and every purchase contributes to a great cause! We made a purchase ourselves and we adopted a queen bee and named her Chalice. We learned about her little backstory as well as her hive and contributions to UC Davis research. The adoption also came with photos and a certificate of adoption.

Project Honey Bees is the only official partner of the 100% non-profit charity Honey Love Org, Karma Honey Project, and now UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center, and any other stores that claim the same thing are not legitimate. Project Honey Bees rotates between their partners on yearly basis in order to support multiple charities and many different missions which in itself is a great idea! Some charities focus more on repopulation, relocation, and other charities focus more on research or education. This is a great way to tap into many different issues and problems by Project Honey Bees.

Project Honey Bees is very legitimate and so far have donated TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars to their partnering organizations and are expected to contribute even more to the mission of saving the bees from all around the world.

In other words, Project Honey Bees gets a 5-star review, and is a legit company!

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