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Light Honey Brown Hair Color

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Light Brown With Balayage Highlights


Speaking of low-maintenance hair color ideas, perhaps youd like another option for light brown hair with highlights. Balayage highlights are the perfect way to add movement and definition to your light brown strands without constant upkeep. Since these hand-painted highlights are strategically placed and primarily focused at the ends of your mane, theres no need to stress over a harsh line of demarcation as your roots grow out.

Medium Ash Brown Hair Color

Ash brown hair color shades are for anyone who wants to be a pure brunette without any blonde or red mixed in. Its a cool, glossy tone that looks elegant in the board room or at happy hour. Natural brunettes or dark blondes can opt for this shade for a simple yet dramatic change to their look.

DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme Medium Ash Brown 51

Light Brown Balayage With Auburn Undertones

This beautiful style incorporates a smooth fade from a dark brunette to a light brown. The brunette base creates a lowlights effect that helps add depth and an illusion of volume to the fine hair while the lighter ends attract all the attention. This style is ideal for fine-haired women who want to go lighter.

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Rooted Light Brown Hair

If youre starting with a dark hair color and prefer a low-maintenance mane makeover, rooted light brown hair is likely just what youre looking for. This lived-in look features a smudged root that matches your natural hair colorAKA, as your roots start to grow out, no one will be able to tell! Genius, right?

Dark Honey Melt Hair Shade

Light Brown Honey Hair Color : 49 Beautiful Light Brown Hair Color To ...

This medium brown hair color shade will help you achieve the perfect look for your next date night. This dark honey melt hair hue gives your locks an edgy look with just enough warmth to make it feel romantic. If you want to go lighter, this rich golden tone will give off major sun-kissed vibes!

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Sunkissed Light Brown With Warm Tones

Another great look for highlights and lowlights for light brown hair is this glossy sun-kissed light brown. The combination of dark brown, light brown and soft brown hues leaves you with a gorgeous shade of light brown hair with caramel highlights. The soft blend of hues has a rippling effect on your light brown tresses that will be sure to catch everyones eye.

Balayage Honey Brown Hair Color:

The bayalage honey color is marvelous of getting in summer. It makes your hair balmy and multi tonal. If you apply this color on your hair then its make you more effective. This color is best in summer for you. Balayage is ideal for woman who wants little upkeep. This color looks beautiful on pink skin.

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Honey Brown Lions Mane With Customized Frizz

Fall humidity got you down? Why not try a little frizz on purpose with this gorgeous, cool, pretty hairstyle! Honey brown hair ideas like this one exemplify power and beauty a lions mane with frizzy waves everywhere and an awesome frame for the face. And you wont have to worry about frizz with this cute easy hairstyle here, extra frizz just makes you look even more like a lioness goddess!

Pretty Loose Ring Curls And Gentle Ombre

Coloring My Hair Honey Brown (low key a fail)

The greatest thing about ombre looks? With a great stylist, you can blend a whole range of different looks! If you have a gentle brown ombre, these loose rings make for great honey brown hairstyle ideas to bring out that sweet brown to honey brown transition. Be sure to protect your color when heat styling and youre good to go!

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Reddish Brown To Honey Brown Ombre With Loose Curls

This shade of auburn brown with highlights offers a mixture of honey and golden brown colors to show off its warm undertones that complement tan skin well. This golden ombre color-melt will make you an outdoor woman because youll be wanting to show off its fiery-ness under the sun.

Honey Brown Almond Highlights

These honey highlights dont turn your hair color upside down, but instead, adds just enough extra color to make it a unique color. Theres a natural complexion combined with the highlights, making it able to enhance any skin tone, explains hairstylist and salon owner Mylena Vittori of Switzerland.

Vittori believes this honey-brown hair dye is perfect for women with naturally brown hair. There is not a lot of change in the hair color, but it still exudes a little bit of glamour.

It also suits anyone with a warm color type, she notes. Should these brown hair colors wash out after a while, refresh it with a shiny tint.

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How To Find The Best Shade Of Honey Blonde For You

Adding color to your hair can change your image and make your complexion glow, not to mention add shine, texture, and thickness to your hair. One of our favorites is honey blonde. This is a darker shade of yellow blonde with brown undertones that also includes shades that range from light to dark. Typically, this hair color works well with warm skin tones. They highlight your natural undertone and even out the red pigments in your skin. Cool skin tones should avoid a hair color like this since it could clash with the cool in your skin and end up washing you out.

Light Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights

Sandstone Balayage Hair

If you love the idea of light brown hair with highlights, allow us to direct you toward the caramel version of this trend. Think about your favorite chocolate bars, and youll see what we mean. Theres just something about a swirl of caramel added throughout a milky chocolate base thats oh so sweet!

Get the look: LOréal Paris Frost & Design in Caramel

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Short Wavy Bob In Melted Honey

Super clean and very professional, a short wavy bob in deep brown and honey brown hair color melt together and simply scream Boss Babe. This beautiful hairstyle is straightforward to create and recreate making it awesome for daily work look for the career professional. Crisp and sleek, this is one of the honey brown hair ideas that will ensure we keep it short on work talk. This will also be a gorgeous short wedding hair if you need a unique style.

Hair Color Ideas5 Ways To Wear A Honey Brown Hair Color

Give your hair a sweet touch.

Many pastel hair colors have been ruling the trend cycle as of late, whether it be a bright pink or mint green. But if youre looking to change your mane in a less drastic way, we have the perfect shade for you honey brown. Although brown hair might be simple and classic, it doesnt have to be boring. The honey brown mix adds a hint of sunshine to brunette hair for a look that serves up serious shine and style.

If youre ready to sweeten up your hair color, find everything you need to know about a honey brown hair color, including a few ways you can try it out, below.

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Eye Color And Honey Blonde Hair

Maybe your eyes are your favorite feature and you want to find a shade that complements and highlights their color:

Dark EyesIf your eyes fall on the darker end of the brown spectrum, they could match well with a darker shade of honey blonde with deep golden brown hints. You can opt for a variation of copper tone lowlights or highlights to lighten things up a bit and highlight your dark eyes. On the other hand, for brown eyes that are lighter such as hazel, a medium honey blonde shade with caramel tones would accentuate your eye color.

Light EyesSince your eyes fall within a group of colors such as blue, green, and gray, you want to accentuate your tone with a light shade like strawberry honey blonde or a darker shade like chestnut. Both will draw more attention to the flecks in your eyes and complement their color.

Mixed EyesThis eye type has a mixture of shades like gray, green, and blue. If you look closely you could probably see little flecks of this color range in your pupils. You can play with just about any shade of honey blonde color. Any choice you make may light up those pretty eyes!

Thinking about trying out a shade of honey hair color? Be sure to snap a picture and tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

Dark Brown To Honey Brown Ombre

Dyeing My Natural Hair Caramel Brown | Mixing Light Brown And Honey Blonde

This low-maintenance honey brown ombre look was created by hairstylist Olivia Hyska of Sturgis, MI. The honey brown strands and caramel highlights flow so nicely with a natural base color. This color has lots of options for hairstyles, but the best is a soft wave, she notes.

For women who are considering this kind of hair color, Hyska wants you to know you wont get that harsh demarcation line, so youll only need a few color appointments.

This is a good introduction if you are looking to go lighter, especially for brunettes, she adds. A glaze is a great in-between service to freshen up the color.

Use a color-safe hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Heat protection is also very important for those lightened ends.

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Light Beige Soft Sombre

Neither blonde nor brunette. We think that the best word to describe this exceptional compromise between beige blonde and light brown hair colors is perfect. This idea preserves the beauty of natural cappuccino shade. At the same time, it softly transits to a sophisticated beige hue, leaving no traces of seams. Of course, theres nothing like sombre when you want to rock that well-blended tone.

Golden Honey Lights is one of the most beautiful and natural brownish hair color ideas. The primary warm shade is lightened up with highlights in a golden honey color. This shade fits light and medium skin tones.

Being kissed by the sun is something many of us dream of. This is high time to stop dreaming and start acting! Ask your hair stylist to highlight your dark brown locks with the mixture of different-shaded sun rays and enjoy the eternal summer everywhere you go!

Light Brown Hair Color

One of the most easygoing hair color shades, light brown hair is perfect to ease your look into summer or brighten up your complexion come fall. Anyone from natural blondes to women with dark complexions should opt for this hair color shade. Light brown hair color is almost universally flattering, so pair it with your wardrobe in all colors of the rainbow.

DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Olia 6.0 – Light Brown

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Neutral Brown Hair Color

Neutral browns are the perfect balance between golden and ash tones for a hair color shade thats part warm, part cool. Without giving off a particular tone its still shiny. Natural hair color can have a soft golden undertone, so dont confuse Neutral with Natural.

DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Olia 6.03 – Light Neutral Brown

Silver To Honey Brown Highlights

Sweet Honey Brown Balayage Hair

Im sure we all know by now that gray hair still is all the rage. Nevertheless, its not for everyone.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you should gradually blend gray into your honey brown hairstyle. This way, you can see if its the right fit for you.

Jessica Biel proves that any women with light-colored eyes will be radiant with honey brown hair.

But not just any honey brown a rich, deep version, with warm undertones. You can also throw in some lowlights for a glam effect.

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How Can I Make My Brown Hair Light Brown Naturally

There is one handmade cure that can help you lighten your brown hair a little. If you want to go up a shade, lemon juice may be just the formula you need. However, if you want to go way up the color scale, you may need something stronger than the natural element. Mixing equal parts of lemon juice and water and then spraying it all over your locks will help you lighten your mane a little. Yet, sitting for an hour or so in the sun is a mandatory requirement. Then, you can repeat the process a few times until you reach the desired effect.


  • Wondering what the best shade of brown hair for you is. Here, we re sharing brown hair color ideas to try based on your skin tone and undertones.
  • We spoke with a top colorist to discover the most stunning shades for brown, blond, and red hair.
  • Find the best Brown haircolor for you! Choose from light brown or dark brown shades or enhance your natural brown hair with a hair gloss. Get inspired!

Deep Brown Mermaid Waves With Honey Accents

Deep brown mermaid waves with honey accents are one of the quickest honey brown hair ideas out there. Once you get your color expertly mixed and styled, you may not even need any tools to create this awesome do! A bit of mousse and some scrunching skills and youve got honey brown hair ideas in record time!

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Wavy Bob With Deep Brown To Honey Ombre

A cute, fun look any season, this wavy bob features a classic longer front and shorter back with added pizzazz in the form of gentle waves. Ombre coloring from a deep brown brunette to honey to blonde makes this beautiful short bob haircut frame the face as well as bring out the blues, greens, browns, and hazels in your eyes. A double whammy!

What Color Is Honey Brown Hair

Honey Brown In 5 Minutes Water Color Method | 360 Brazilian Curly Wig Luhair

For the brunettes out there craving a slightly warmer, lighter hue, honey brown is definitely a great option. This light brown hair color features hints of natural-looking honey throughout, offering the best of rich depth and multi-dimensional lightness.

If youre starting out with very dark hair, your colorist will need to use bleach to lift your color before applying any honey brown hair dye. While bleach can cause damage, a professional stylist will be able to execute the bleaching process safely and with minimal repercussions.

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Caramel Honey Brown Hair

If youre ready to show off a new tan or you want to bring out your eye color, caramel honey brown is the ideal shade for you.

Its arguably the warmest of the tones you can bring out, and perfect for highlighting any womans beauty.

Curly-haired girls rejoice! If you want your curls to be popping more than ever, you can use this small yet super effective trick.

All you have to do is color the tips of your curls to enhance the texture of your ringlets. Youll thank us afterward!

Light Brown Hair With Pastel Pink Ends

Want to add a pop of color to your light brown mane? Were fans of incorporating a pretty pastel pink shade into the mix. Specifically, pastel pink ends! This light shade will add just the right amount of color without creating a stark contrast against your light brown base.

Get the look:LOréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Soft Pink

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    Mahogany Brown Hair Color

    Pin by Rebecca Vigil on Anything goes

    Mahogany brown adds a cool, red tone to dark brown hair. An especially enriching hair color shade for anyone with a cool or warm complexion and warm eyes, mahogany livens up your deep brown color not to mention, it looks amazing with a deep red lipstick.

    DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Olia 4.35 – Dark Golden Mahogany

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    Deep Brown With Honey Caramel Highlights

    This is a rich and warm bronde balayage just like Jennifer Lopezs honey highlights on dark brown hair, explains senior stylist Jamie Pierce-Elwell of Santa Monica, CA.

    She goes on to tell us, the combination of cool and warm tones gives it so much dimension. We love color and balayage that still has some natural deeper tones towards the mid-length and ends. The grow out on that can be harder to maintain and its a lot harder on the hairs health.

    When you look at this you can picture milk chocolate, mixed with suede and caramel to bring out a nice light brown hair tone as well as streaks of bright blonde color.

    These shades, or one with similar placement, are great for a woman who wants dimension in their hair. Because some depth was maintained, Pierce-Elwell says the grow-out is softer. Youll only need to get highlights 2-4 times a year, but youll need your base color every 5 weeks.

    These honey brown highlights work on every kind of face shape. The stylist just needs to consider that placing lighter pieces next to the widest parts of a face can make that area seem wider, so pay attention to where the brightness falls.

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