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Manuka Honey For Dog Wounds

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Properties: How Does Honey Help

6 Reasons To Use Manuka Honey for Dogs

Honey is a complex mixture of over 200 components.10 Monosaccharides, primarily fructose, comprise nearly 80% , while its water content varies between 15% to 21% .10 Honey also contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds, organic acids, and volatile compounds that all contribute to its bioactivity.10 The composition and thus the bioactivity of honey varies based on its geographical origin and floral source .11

Manuka honey, for example, is a monofloral honey originating in New Zealand from the flowers of Leptospermum scoparium trees. Manuka honey is recognized for its high levels of an antibiotic substance called methylglyoxal , or unique manuka factor .12 MGO is not necessarily unique to manuka honey, and other honey varieties such as kanuka and other European honeys, contain this chemical.5,13

Licensed medical grade honey products tend to use manuka honey products and rate its antibiotic activity based on the concentration of UMF. Because honey contains particulate contaminants, such as pollens, and microorganisms from the honeybee gastrointestinal tract, most notably Clostridium botulinum spores, a medical-grade, filtered, gamma-irradiated product is recommended for wound treatment. Unlike pasteurization, gamma-irradiation preserves the bioactive compounds lost due to heat treatment.14

Manuka Honey For Kennel Cough

Dogs “catch” kennel cough when they inhale bacteria or virus particles into their respiratory tract. This tract is normally lined with a coating of mucus that traps infectious particles, but there are a number of factors that can weaken this protection and make dogs prone to kennel cough infection, which results in inflammation of the larynx and trachea .

These factors include exposure to crowded and/or poorly ventilated conditions, such as are found in many kennels and shelters, cold temperatures, exposure to dust or cigarette smoke, and travel-induced stress. – WebMD

Kennel cough is very common, and spreads easily between dogs a bit like the common cold at a school. Theres no cure as such, but using honey as a treatment for kennel cough can provide relief.

Can I Give My Dog Manuka Honey

In small quantities, its safe to give your dog honey.

However, large quantities of honey can lead to the same problems that eating too many sweets can cause in humans including rotten teeth and weight gain.

The amount of honey you can safely feed your dog will depend on their size and health.

If youre unsure, its best to talk to your dogs vet to determine just how much is the right amount of honey for your dog.

Dogs with diabetes also should not be given honey unless youve talked with your dogs vet beforehand.

Interestingly, extra caution is required when giving raw honey to puppies or dogs with weak immune systems since its known to harbor botulism spores.

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Product Review Manuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel

One of our must-have products for your pets first aid kit is the New Zealand-made Mnuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel!

Our vet Dr. Rebecca Penman recently recommended the Manuka Vet product to Amanda after she discovered her horse called Snow had sliced open her leg. Since using the gel, Amanda has been very impressed with the results after only 4 days and has noticed a vast improvement in Snows condition.

We were very concerned about Snows gash because it was quite deep, however we were lucky there wasnt any tendon sheath damage. After being recommended the Manuka Vet Skin and Wound Gel, I was surprised by how much Snows cut had healed in a short amount of time. The speed in which her wound healed was amazing and I would definitely recommend the gel to others!

The Skin & Wound Gel is made from 100% pure NZ medical grade Manuka honey, which helps kill bacteria and retains moisture, so wounds can heal faster and with less scarring. What makes the product unique is that it can be safely applied to an open wound or beneath a bandage, with the antibacterial strength in the gel working fast. To treat cuts and wounds, the gel needs to be applied 2-3 times a day to protect and soothe.

To find out more about Manuka Vet and why it should be a staple in your pets first aid kit, check it out on Vet Post here!

Apply The Dressing On The Wound

Is Manuka Honey for Dogs a Miracle Cure or the New Snake Oil?

Irrespective of if you want to apply the honey directly onto the wound or onto the dressing, you will need a good dressing to let your wound heal. There are many different types of dressings available, which makes choosing one harder.

For applying Manuka honey to wounds, we recommend you use occlusive dressings. These are water and airtight. This means that no moisture escapes them, and they seal up the wound absolutely.

To properly apply the dressing, you should dry out the wound and the area surrounding it. This does not apply if you have a wound bed that you placed honey in.

After the area is dry, you should place the dressing directly over the wound, with the side you applied honey on in contact with the wound. You should then bandage the wound up to secure the dressing in place.

If the wound is in an area that is difficult to reach, you should always ask someone for help. This ensures that your wound is properly dressed and heals well. You may also get the help of a doctor in such cases.

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How To Apply Honey On A Wound

If you buy the products mentioned above, youll find instructions on each of them. If you are using simply honey, then do the following:

First, trim or shave the hair surrounding the burn, wound, pressure sore or hot spot. If not, all the bacteria, pus and infection become trapped within the hair.

Some people recommend cleaning the area before applying honey. This is more required if you are treating a hot spot: use Povidone Iodine that most pharmacys or even supermarkets carry. Dilute a little of the Povidone Iodine with water to an ice tea color. Then use soft gauze to gently blot and clean the hot spot. Do this at least twice a day.

Apply honey of the wound and then a light bandage over the area. You can cover with a non-stick pad and wrap with gauze . But you can also apply the honey directly to the non-stick pad and then wrap with gauze to keep in place.Dont allow your dog to lick or bother the area. An Elizabethan collar might be necessary for awhile.

Support Great Oral Health

Who doesnt love doggy kisses?!

Well you may not if your dog has stinky breath!

Your dogs smelly kisses can be due to many things but no surprise here theyre all connected.

If your dog has an imbalance in his gut you can see many health changes like

  • Allergy symptoms

and the list goes on but I want to focus on how Manuka honey can prevent gum disease.

It makes sense if you think about its ability to fight bacteria and control inflammation.

And bacteria below the gum line leads to inflammation .

Gingivitis is the first stage of dental disease.

Preventing gingivitis means fresher breath for those kisses.

And you can lower his risk of developing heart disease by controlling infections in his mouth.

A study looked at Manuka honeys ability to fight oral bacteria and it found that it was effective

but the grade of Manuka honey played a factor is how effective it was and more research is to follow as they dig deeper.

So lets move on to talk about the grades of Manuka honey and how much to feed your dog to keep him healthy.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Honey

Yes, it is perfectly safe to feed your dogs honey. It can be with a stick, local honey, or of course, Manuka Honey. If you’re having a hard time choosing, I suggest that you go for Manuka Honey. It will give your dog the most nutritional benefits out of all of them.

However, try to avoid honey from the supermarket. These are processed honey that is made from low-quality ingredients.

And as I stated above, there are still dogs that can’t eat honey. Honey is unsafe for puppies, diabetic, and obese dogs.

Why Is Honey Good To Treat A Wound How Does It Work

Manuka honey sweetens up wounds

Clinical trials show that applying honey as a wound dressing eliminates bacterial infections, reduces inflammation, swelling and pain, and increases the growth of new skin. It seals and keeps the area moist while protecting from sticking to bandages.Here are 7 features of honey that are responsible for all these:

1. Low Acidity

The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered to be neutral. Solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic.

Bacterial colonization or infections are often accompanied by pH values > 7.3 in wound exudates. A low pH increases the amount of oxygen off-loaded from hemoglobin in the capillaries and thus speeds up the healing process.

Also, a low pH helps in suppressing protease activity in wounds, as its optimum pH is neutral and excessive protease activity in a wound can slow or prevent healing. The protease activity results from excessive inflammation. But the anti-inflammatory activity of honey would remove this impediment to healing, as would the antibacterial activity working through removing infecting bacteria stimulating the inflammatory response.

2. Hygroscopic activity

Honey is hygroscopic, meaning it has a low water content and draws moisture out of the environment, thus dehydrating any bacteria.

3. High sugar content:

4. Hydrogen peroxide activity

5. Phytochemical components

6. MGO found in considerable amount only in manuka honey.

7. Lactic Acid Bacteria

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Manuka Honey For Dogs Ear Infections

Ear infections in dogs are also very common.

Ear infections are another dog problem that manuka honey can help with. Dont just take our word for it though: there was a medical trial testing exactly whether or not this was true!

In the trial, dogs with otitis externa were prescribed 1 ml of medical-grade honey per ear, daily. The results were positive:

Medical grade honey promoted rapid clinical progress, with 70% of dogs achieving clinical cure between days 7 and 14 and over 90% having resolved by Day 21. – US National Library of Medicine

But holistic veterinarian Dr. Katie Woodley advises caution:

When treating ear infections, we do have to be careful with what is being placed in the ears, and the dog must be examined prior to make sure the eardrum is intact and that there isnt something like a grass seed or other foreign body present thats causing inflammation. – Outward Hound

As usual, its best to consult your vet or medical professional to find the root of the problem, but its likely that manuka honey can provide some relief for ear infections in dogs.

Other Manuka Honey Benefits For Dogs

Claims have been made that local honey can cure allergies due to the small amount of pollen in honey, which is said to help dogs build up a resistance to the allergen.

This may sound great in theory, but there is no solid evidence to back the claim.

Honey is also said to help relieve the symptoms of a kennel cough and tummy upset in dogs, but these claims are largely anecdotal.

In both these cases, its vital to take your dog to the vet first to make sure that the symptoms are not being caused by a more serious condition.

Feeding your senior pooch some honey has been said to give them a little pep in their step. With the sweet taste and high sugar content of honey, this may well be the case.

But again, there is no scientific evidence to back these claims.

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Is Manuka Honey Safe For Dogs

Yes. Manuka honey is safe and extremely helpful for dogs! But there are scenarios where you must prevent giving Manuka to your dogs however. If your dogs is under a years of age, obese or diabetic, dogs that dislike stay clear of providing Manuka honey.

  • Young puppies below 12 months old. The underdeveloped digestion systems cant process botulism spores that may present in honey. This is among those situations where the incident of the issue is extremely reduced, yet the repercussions can be very severe. Additionally, there is threat consuming honey for your young pups below 12 months old since their body immune systems are still developing. But once your dog reaches above 12 months old, they can get benefits significantly from all that Manuka honey you to give!
  • Obese or diabetic dogs. Eating high amounts of sugar might enhance potential health and wellness dangers since Manuka honey contains a huge concentration of sugar.
  • Dogs that are allergic to bees and bee stings, due to the fact that honey might irritate them.

If your dog is adult, healthy, not sensitive and no allergic. They are in the clear to eat a little honey as part of their diet plan. Mostly, Manuka honey is a safe, natural and efficient choice for improving the total wellness as well as health for your dogs! Just like any brand-new supplement or therapy, be sure to consult your veterinarian to see if Manuka honey is a great option for your dogs.

Raw Honey And Wound Care

Manuka Honey On Cat Wounds

Every time Jasmine had surgery, she came home with an antibiotic prescription. They were all significant surgeries I think it makes sense to prevent serious infections.

When JD had his mast cell tumor surgery, he was not put on antibiotics.

On the one hand, I was glad because I like to use antibiotics as sparingly as possible, and our vet thinks the same way. But, on the other hand, he had a relatively large hole at the tumor site and an incision on his chest where they harvested skin for his graft.

The original plan was to keep the wound open to the air, just preventing JD from licking it. JD, of course, had other plans, although the fashionable cone he was sporting.

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How To Apply Manuka Honey To Burns For Pets

  • First dry the wound area so there is no moisture around it
  • Coat the wound and surrounding area with an even layer of Manuka honey
  • Dress the wound with a water resistant and airtight bandage or gauze
  • Let the wound rest and heal – be sure to replace the dressing at least once a day so it doesnt become overly saturated
  • Then just sit back and let the Manuka honey work its magic!

    Manuka Honey Dog Shampoo And Manuka Honey Cream For Dogs

    As demonstrated by many studies, Manuka honey can have some benefits for your dogs skin, especially if your dog is experiencing skin irritation.

    There are plenty of Manuka honey dog shampoos on the market. Although there arent any studies out there to confirm that Manuka honey dog shampoo will clear up skin conditions.

    Even so, such formulations are not going to cause any harm to your dog and may even improve the general health and appearance of your dogs coat

    Similarly, topical Manuka honey creams are available for the treatment of minor abrasions of the skin.

    There is evidence to suggest that the use of honey on minor cuts and abrasions may aid healing, but the use of these creams is really up to the discretion of the consumer.

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    How Much Honey To Feed Your Dog:

    Many experts suggest smaller dogs take 1 teaspoon per day and larger breeds up to a tablespoon. It really depends on the size of the dog, their age, and current state of health. If youre not sure how much honey is safe for your dog, talk to your dogs vet to determine just how much is the right amount of honey for your dog.

    It is not recommended to give honey to dogs that are obese, diabetic, or are under the age of one.

    Do you think your dog would like honey?

    Manuka Honey For Pets

    Manuka Honey for Dogs (Uses, Benefits and Dosage)

    We love our furry friends, and we always want the best for them! We buy them the best food, keep them groomed, and take them out to socialize. No wonder we call them fur babies! We do this so that they experience the happiness and love they bring us everyday. If youre like us, youll do anything to ensure a long, loving and healthy lifefor your pets. So, did you know that pets can experience all of the amazing natural benefits that Manuka honey has to offer?

    The buzz around Manuka honey is no joke! Weve covered many of Manukas incredible benefits, from improving skin conditions, bolstering gut health, and boosting the immune system. Likewise, Manuka contains tons of anti properties – with major potency in antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial functions.

    These awesome benefits can all be extended to the pets and animals we love, helping to improve their overall health with incredible results! So let’s take a look at everything Manuka honey has to offer animals – and why you should consider keeping an extra jar in the cupboard for your furry friends!

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    Manuka Honey Wound Therabee Infused With 300mg Cbd Cbg Cbn

    The healing benefits of Manuka Honey Infused with powerful hemp extract.

    Our wound TheraBee formulation is a great all round first aid kit addition for wounds, sores cuts and burns. It contains 100% active leptospermum honey , harvested by bees in New Zealand infused with powerful cannabinoids.

    Our sterile ointment creates a great environment for the healing of minor wounds and provides long-lasting infection protection.

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Accelerated shelf life and stability tested


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