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Manuka Honey Uses And Benefits

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Manuka Honey Helps To Heal Wounds

Manuka honey SKIN BENEFITS| Dr Dray

Manuka honey is possibly ending up being most famous for its injury recovery homes. When used straight to an injury, it might boost the recovery procedure and lower discomfort a lot to make sure that the United States Fda accepted it as a choice for injury therapy in 2015.

Manuka honey uses jointly antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, as well as antioxidant residential or commercial properties, which research studies have revealed, might provide injury recovery capacities in cells regrowth, severe injuries, and also shallow partial density burns, eyelid injuries and also diabetic person abscess, for instance, post-surgery.

Who Should Not Take Manuka Honey

While Manuka honey may have a positive effect on your health, there are a few potential side effects that may occur.

For example, if too much honey is consumed, it may cause a spike in blood sugar, as one tablespoon of Manuka honey contains approximately 16 grams of sugar.7

This means that its essential for people with diabetes to check with their doctor before trying it.

It also goes without saying that people with a honey allergy should avoid using Manuka honey.

Is Manuka Honey Pasteurized

Manuka honey is different as it produces a unique substance that is antibacterial.

Most commercial bee products are pasteurised. This is to remove all bacteria and potentially dangerous toxins. However, this may decrease its beneficial properties. Most scientific studies show commercial pasteurized honey to be as beneficial as its raw form.

There are some who prefer organic or raw honey that arent pasteurised.

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Supercharge Your Favorite Food Or Beverage

The uses of Manuka honey are diverse whether you wish to utilize your honey as a part of your self-care routine or as a tool in your digestive health regimen, were sure you wont be disappointed.

Another plus side to Manuka honey is its uniquely delectable and rich flavor and texture. Yes, it offers many other wellness benefits, but the creamy taste is a much-loved bonus.

Where Can You Buy Manuka Honey

Health Benefits of MANUKA HONEY We are want to say thanks if you like ...

Youll have a hard time finding Manuka in your average grocery, but may have better luck at local health foods stores. It is usually more expensive than your go-to jar of the sweet stuff, but a higher price doesnt instantly mean youve found a genuine product. Instead, be sure to look for the UMF rating. Generally, the higher the UMF score on your jar of Manuka , the higher quality the honey.

Pure New Zealand Certified UMF 15+ Manuka Honey

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How To Use A Manuka Honey Face Mask

Just use manuka honey from the jar on its own!

After washing and gently exfoliating your face, pat dry with a towel and apply a very thin layer of manuka honey. Leave it on your face for at least 30 minutes, then wash it off with water.

You can use it in some other methods of facial treatment:

Cinnamon Mask:

  • Use hot water to steam your skin. Be careful not to be hurt by the hot water.
  • You should use a clean towel to pat dry.
  • Mix manuka honey with cinnamon. Apply a thin layer of this mixture on your face.
  • Leave it on your face for 20 minutes. Gently wipe off and rinse with cold water to close your facial pores.
  • You may also use the same mixture as a facial spot treatment and leave it on overnight to heal.

    Cleanser: Add a few drops of hot water to a teaspoon-sized portion of manuka and massage around your entire face for 3 minutes. Then, gently wipe off with a facial cloth or sponge for extra exfoliation.

    Acne Scars/Dark Spot Treatment: Fade dark spots or acne scars to brighten and heal your skin. Mix lemon juice, a teaspoon of cane sugar, and a teaspoon of manuka. After that, use hot water to steam your skin, pat dry and massage this mixture in the facial zone and leave it on for 20 minutes. Following that, use cold water to rinse and close your pores.

    Heals Wounds And Skin Infections

    What’s more, Manuka honey is a powerful antibioticand one that could help treat10 skin infections otherwise considered untreatable, like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus . There are currently no reports of microbial resistance to honey, and Manuka honey has specifically been shown to attack infections11 that have formed a biofilma stage that was once thought to render infections untreatable. In one study12, the application of honey to diabetic foot ulcers was found to heal 43.3 percent of ulcers completely.

    Try it: For small, manageable cuts and scrapes, add a dab of Manuka honey directly to the skin before attaching your bandage. For larger wounds, always consult a doctor.

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    What Are The General Health Benefits Of Manuka Honey

    Manuka honey has strong antiseptic, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These are all valuable when it comes to treating a range of diseases.

    Thanks to high levels of hydrogen peroxide, all raw honey has antiseptic properties. That means they are great at killing germs. Research shows that Manuka honey can destroy a wide range of bacteria, including those resistant to antibiotics.

    • Manuka has powerful antimicrobial effects allowing it to treat a range of skin conditions caused by mould and fungi.
    • Manuka contains antioxidants that hunt down dangerous free radicals. These can damage tissue, leading to cancer and aging.

    With all the purported Manuka Honey benefits, it is no wonder this honey is growing in popularity around the world.

    General Wellness And Well

    MANUKA HONEY: Oral Health & Other Benefits! ð?¯ð??

    Manuka honey has high levels of many compounds that work to support your wellness journey in more ways than one.

    MGO, an organic compound derived from the Manuka tree, is known for its antibacterial effects, and is responsible for the naturally cleansing properties Manuka honey has to offer.

    When taken in the spoonful to help start your day, Manuka honey can also help fuel you with feelings of energy thanks to its natural sugar content.

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    How To Pick Out Real Manuka Honey

    Since Manuka honey is usually more expensive compared to normal honey, you want to make sure youre paying for the real thing right?

    Fortunately for us consumers, there is a system in place that verifies and even measures the potency of different Manuka honeys.

    This rating system is called UMF .

    UMF is a globally recognized rating system to measure the antibacterial strength of Manuka honeys.

    The UMF is a way for consumers like you to be sure they are buying REAL and medicinal quality honey. That way youre not ripped off.

    With that said, not all Manuka honeys are equal. Some Manuka honeys have the higher cost but are not UMF Manuka honey meaning they will not provide the health benefits of Manuka honey.

    This is why we have the UMF rating system.

    Clear A Stuffy Nose With Manuka Honey

    Our sinuses can become stuffed up in a myriad of dreadful ways. Allergies, inflammation, excess fluid, and many other irritants can turn into a truly uncomfortable situation.

    Manuka honeys defense against a stuffy nose comes from its robust antiviral properties that help protect our bodies against illness like the common cold and flu. Likewise, its anti-inflammatory capabilities facilitate reduced swelling in the nasal passages, thus opening them up for easier breathing.

    Thats why, in recent years, weve seen a great rise in popularity of the use of Manuka honey in a nasal/sinus rinse! This powerful antibacterial spray is able to take down seasonal pathogens, bacteria, and microbes that cause sinus infections and congestion. Manuka honeys moisturizing benefits work wonders to help keep your airways hydrated and thus non-irritated.

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    Manuka Honey For Shingles

    Because Manuka honey is an effective antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory topical treatment for skin problems, it is also excellent for treating shingles.

    One study showed that both Manuka and clover honey, were able to treat the virus that causes shingles13. For more information on that study, you can read my article on how to treat shingles with Manuka and clover honey.

    It is clear that Manuka honey has many health benefits when it comes to treating conditions that are caused by inflammation and bacterial infections.

    What The Science Says About Manuka Honey


    Several recent studies show Manuka honey can be helpful when itâs used on top of wounds and leg ulcers. Studies also show it might fight infection and boost healing.

    The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database lists honey as being “possibly effective” to treat burns and wounds. The Cochrane Review notes that honey may shorten healing times in mild burns and surgical wounds compared with traditional dressings. But they also say more research needs to be done.

    Another study suggests that Manuka honey may help prevent gingivitis and other periodontal disease by reducing the buildup of plaque. In some studies, Manuka honey seemed to help prevent inflammation in the esophagus caused by radiation and chemotherapy used for cancer.

    Another possible benefit of honey is that, unlike antibiotics, it doesnât appear to lead to resistant bacteria. These so-called “superbugs” develop after repeated exposure to common antibiotics. Special antibiotics are needed to treat them.

    Most of the studies on Manuka honey have been with small numbers of people, and so far, research hasnât shown that Manuka honey helps with high cholesterol or balancing the bacteria in the gut. Furthermore, no major studies have looked at the effect of Manuka honey on cancer, diabetes, or fungal infections.

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    Elements Of Manuka Honey

    Hydrogen peroxide offers most honey its high antibiotic quality. Some kinds, consisting of manuka honey, likewise have various other active ingredients with anti-bacterial high qualities.

    The significant anti-bacterial element in manuka honey is methylglyoxal . MG is a substance discovered in many kinds of honey, yet generally just in small quantities.

    In manuka honey, MG originates from the conversion of one more substance, dihydroxyacetone, located in high focus in the nectar of manuka blossoms.

    The higher the focus of MG, the more influential the antibiotic impact.

    Mind Blowing Uses Of Manuka Honey

    Manuka honey is well recognized by those in the nutrition, health and wellness field for its wide range of amazing benefits! From improving oral hygiene, to bolstering gut health and providing skin care, Manuka honey has no shortage of beneficial uses. With all this wrapped up in one delicious, nutrient-packed superfood, Manuka honey deserves to be a staple in your kitchen.

    Lets dive into Manuka honey, its background and 14 mind-blowing benefits of this incredible and tasty treat!

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    How To Know If Manuka Honey Is Right For You

    While the health claims and benefits of manuka honey are outstanding, there are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering trying manuka honey in any way.

  • If you suffer from a bee allergy, using or consuming manuka honey could result in an allergic reaction.
  • As honey is a form of sugar, consuming large quantities could result in a spike in blood sugar levels.
  • Some forms of manuka honey are pasteurised, so we suggest avoiding giving manuka honey to children under the age of one.5
  • If you have any concerns about whether manuka honey is right for you, always have a chat with a medical professional, as they will be able to advise you further.

    Assists Take Care Of The Signs Of Herpes Infection

    Benefits of Manuka Honey

    People are struggling with the results of the Herpes infection experience viral episodes, which take the kind of sores. These puss-filled sores often take place on the lips and also sometimes the genital areas.

    Social preconception makes individuals contaminated with Herpes Simplex Infection hesitant to look for clinical interest due to sensations of shame or embarrassment.

    Manuka honey acts as a reliable topical therapy for herpes sores. Manuka honey additionally functions as a relaxing, antiviral, and also disinfectant therapy for Herpes sore episodes.

    The enzymes in the honey will undoubtedly attract the liquid from the sore, drying it out. Routine application of Manuka honey to the break out decreases the strength and period of the episode. It enhances recovery time after the infection subsides.

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    Does Honey Have An Expiration Date

    Honey doesnt spoil and neither does it rot. The expiration date is usually to fulfill legal obligations.

    They found many ancient pots, made thousands of years ago and they are all edible.

    Modern government food regulations have a maximum of 5 years expiry date from the date of production. Hence even though scientific evidence points out that it does not spoil, they still put a 5-year expiry date on all honey.

    Benefits Of Manuka Honey

    Thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, manuka honey can be used to help treat wounds, improve your oral health, soothe a sore throat and treat ulcers and acne.

    Helps treat wounds

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of manuka honey for wound treatment.

    Manuka honeys antioxidant and antibacterial properties are key players in treating wounds. Its also worth noting that manuka honey has a lower pH than most honey, which can help promote optimal wound healing.

    Manuka honey can help speed up the healing process, says Flora. It can also help prevent infections.

    Studies show using manuka honey can aid in wound healing, promoting tissue regeneration and even in people suffering from burns.

    Helps with oral health

    Theres limited research on how manuka honey can help your oral health. But studies show it can protect against dental plaque buildup, which can prevent gingivitis .

    In one study, research indicates that sucking on a manuka honey chew was more effective at reducing plaque and gingival bleeding than those who chew sugar-free gum.

    Helps with sore throats

    Its not uncommon to put a little bit of honey in your tea if your throat is feeling sore or scratchy.

    Thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, manuka honey can offer relief from a sore throat, says Flora. Mix about two tablespoons of manuka honey with a warm glass of water or tea.

    Helps treat ulcers

    Helps treat acne

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    What Are The Skin Treatments I Can Use Manuka Honey For

  • Manuka calms and heals skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis itching
  • It heals pimples/acne and prevents acne bacteria from returning
  • It reduces redness and itchiness on sensitive skin
  • Manuka can cure anti-fungal skin infections like athletes foot or yeast infections
  • It has been proven supportive of curing harmful skin infections such as staph or MRSA
  • Medical grade manuka helps to soothe burns and improve healing times
  • Medical grade manuka also eases wounds, skin cuts and infections and heals them faster
  • It helps in scar healing
  • Manuka helps maintains a balance of healthy bacteria and keeps harmful bacteria from your skin
  • Manuka gives an overall healthy glow to your skin
  • Benefits For Breast Cancer Patients

    Honey chart

    Research in 2011 suggested a role for manuka honey in treating the condition. The study that focussed on 81 women, required participants to apply manuka honey twice daily.

    Again, the honeys anti-inflammatory properties proved powerful, combined with the high levels of antioxidants in the product.

    There was a lower incidence of dermatitis, and improvements were described as more clearly observable to doctors.

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    Soothes And Calms Sore Throats

    You’ve probably been advised to drink some hot tea and honey when you have a sore throat. This is because honey does an amazing job of soothing those sore throats. Pair that with Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties, and you’re on to a winner!

    In fact, a recent study found that honey was more effective at soothing a sore throat and easing a cough in small children than over-the-counter products.1

    Simply mix two tablespoons of manuka honey with a warm glass of water or tea to help soothe your throat.

    Is Manuka Honey Considered A Superfood

    Superfood is another way to say a specific food has the potential to offer a wealth of health benefits. Superfoods are often nutrient-dense and high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nourishing compounds.

    Manuka honey has naturally occurring compounds like MGO, Leptosperin, DHA , and fructo-oligosaccharides each considered beneficial compounds that can offer wellness benefits from digestive support to antioxidant effects. These effects of Manuka honey are what contribute to its fame as a superfood.

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    Manuka Honey Could Help Heal Cuts And Minor Wounds

    Manuka honey has earned a strong reputation for treating wounds. According to a 2014 review in the journal Foods, Manuka been used to clear up infections, surgical wounds, burns, and even ulcers, thanks, in part, to its high levels of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds.

    That said, Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author of The Superfood Swap, points out that all honeys have antioxidants, antibacterial compounds, and anti-inflammatory properties. According to a 2014 review by Cochrane, honey can heal certain burns about 4 to 5 days more quickly than other, more conventional dressings, and may be more effective at healing infected wounds after surgery than antiseptic. If you cant find Manuka, other honeys may also do the trick, says Blatner.

    Manuka Honey Is A Healthy Sweetener

    Benefits of Manuka Honey with #GetActiveExpert

    Raw and minimally processed, this honey is as healthy as it is delicious! Manuka honey makes for an amazing low-calorie, sweetener that works when combined with just about anything! Mixed in morning coffee or tea, in salad dressings, baked into goodies, or even by the spoonful, you cant go wrong with its delicious taste and amazing health benefits!

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    What Is Manuka Honey And How It Is Produced

    Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand where the Manuka bush grows uncultivated. The Manuka bush, is part of the Leptospermum species of shrubs. The honey is produced when bees pollinate the flowers on the Manuka bush.

    The reason why Manuka honey is unique is because the bush contains strong antibacterial compounds found mostly in Leptospermum plants1.

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